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Learn to fly at Rufforth

Glider flown solo

Training is available with our team of instructors from start through solo and on to cross-country flying.


After your three month initial membership, further full membership costs £295 a year (£60 for under 25s and students, £45 for under 18s). Launches are extra, typically £27.50 for an aerotow, £6.50 for a winch launch. Time in club gliders will normally cost 37p a minute.


Initial training to solo standard will be with our team of BGA qualified instructors in two-seater gliders.

Post solo further training is available to bring you up to Bronze C and cross-country endorsement- generally considered the gliding equivalent of a private pilots licence.

Contact us on 01904 738694 or use the link below to learn more or to book.

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